Capri Watch Jewels

The sinuous elegance of a minimal, yet innovative design

Ring Multijoy White Gold 26mm..The sinuous grace of a minimal, yet innovative design. A perfect balance between originality and elegance. Two white gold bands that intertwine and split to sustain the crown. This one is a disk adorned with blue, red, green, yellow, pink and white topazes. The circle's geometric perfection is interpreted in such a way as to express its intrinsic dynamism. Thus, the Ring Multijoy White Gold 26mm. adds a further tile to Capri Watch's fine jewellery collection. And...

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The allure of topazes and diamonds

The Watch Lux First. An object that is all about exclusivity. Such an exclusive nature does not rely on the simple fact that this is a fine piece of jewelry, but on its design and this latter's very content. The dial of Capri town's clocktower. An icon that has become one of the most famous symbols of the island and that has come to signify a kind of a lifestyle Capri itself embodies.  A lifestyle that is a combination of elegance...

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Capri Watch

Pendant Multijoy White Gold. An elegant, appealing design

Pendant Multijoy White Gold. An original play of colours that beautifully blends the liveliness of Capri Watch's creations with luxury elegance. A style that delicately challenges the norm of traditional jewelry-making, whose distinctive dynamism discreetly catches the observer's attention. This jewel constitutes a perfect synthesis between fantasy and grace. A synthesis that innovates while communicating the meaning of feminine beauty. The Pendant Multijoy White Gold celebrates the beauty, uniqueness and charm every woman expresses. And it does that through a gentle storm of...

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Gioielli Carpi Watcth

Watch Lux Multijoy.
Contemporary elegance

Shining topazes. Mother of pearl's smooth nuances. Bright diamonds. The Watch Lux Multijoy (ref. 5329) blends these elements into a creation that reinterprets in a modern and original guise the standards of jewelry. A dynamic and clear design composed of three levels. First, the bezel adorned with diamonds encircling the outer dial. Roman numbers stand out against the mother of pearl background. A shimmering colour, whose tone changes as light's angle incidence changes. That's the second level. Third, the dial's heart. Here...

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